Lee Irwin

Lee Irwin is a Professor in the Religious Studies Department at the College of Charleston where he teaches world religions with an emphasis on Native American traditions, western esotericism, hermeticism, contemporary spirituality, mystical cosmology, and transpersonal religious experience as related to dreams and visions. He is the Vice President of the Association for the Study of Esotericism (ASE), a board member of the Sophia Institute, and a Guiding Voice for the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. He has been a workshop leader and group facilitator for over twenty-five years, particularly in the areas of visionary cosmology and the development of the sacred human. He is the author of many books and articles, including The Dream Seekers; Visionary Worlds; Awakening to Spirit: On Life, Illumination, and Being; The Alchemy of Soul; Coming Down From Above: Prophecy, Resistance, and Renewal in Native American Religions; and Reincarnation in America: An Esoteric History.